SBE Council Ranks the 50 States in “Small Business Policy Index 2017” – California Listed Dead Last!

The Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBE Council) recently released its 21st annual look at how public policies in the 50 states affect entrepreneurship, small businesses and the economy. The rankings are based on 55 different policy measures  including a wide array of tax, regulatory and government spending measurements.

According to the SBE Council, the Top Ten most business-friendly states are: 1) Nevada, 2) Texas, 3) South Dakota, 4) Wyoming, 5) Florida, 6) Washington, 7) Indiana, 8) Arizona, 9) Alabama, and 10) Ohio.

In contrast, the policy environments that rank at the bottom include: 40) Rhode Island, 41) Oregon, 42) Iowa, 43) Connecticut, 44) Maine, 45) Hawaii, 46) Vermont, 47) Minnesota, 48) New York, 49) New Jersey, and, last but not least, 50) California!

Some interesting highlights from the report…

  • Real annual economic growth from 2011 to 2014 among the top 25 states averaged 1.68 percent, which was 29.2 percent faster than the 1.30 percent average rate for the bottom 25 states.
  • Population growth averaged 4.9% for the top half of states in the Index and 2.5% for the bottom half.

In summary, states that are “getting policy right” make a big difference in terms of boosting their economy, job creation and competitiveness.

You can access the full report at