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Jim Span, Business Broker, M&A
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Carlsbad, CA

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Our affiliations with National and International Business Brokerage and Merger & Acquisition associations guarantee you that we adhere to the highest professional standards when helping you buy a business. And, as a client, these networks enable our business brokers to provide you with access to the broadest number of qualified, potential buyers or sellers – something you just can’t get with many neighborhood real estate and business sales firms. Instead of having access to your own local market, we expose you to nationwide opportunities when buying a business, to find the best suitable business for sale.

Benefits of Buying a Business with The Chase Group
Our experienced business brokers use the same care in helping match you to the appropriate business for sale that we would if we were buying it for ourselves since we have all been successful business owners and/or managers prior to joining the firm. We can help you buy a business at ease with an experienced professional with you every step of the way.

Through our global network affiliations, we have access to thousands of worldwide business for sale listings – many of which are never advertised publicly – giving you the maximum number of qualified candidates for purchase within your targeted geographic area of consideration. The Chase Group business brokers uncover the maximum number of opportunities so you can buy a business, with the reassurance that you found the best suitable business for sale that meets your needs.

Our valuation experts can help determine the fair market value of the business in which you are interested to ensure that you’re getting maximum value for your dollars spent. We will use our banking contacts to assist you in arranging financing, if necessary, for your business purchase. This includes traditional financing or SBA small business loans.

Helping you find the right business is only the first step in a business acquisition. We’ll be with you to guide and assist throughout the entire process of buying a business, including the closing.