The Business Brokerage Press in partnership with publishes a monthly ranking of business categories based on the number of “hits” on their businesses-for-sale website. It is important to note that this ranking is not based on the actual sale of businesses, merely user page views. The takeaway would be that since these categories are searched the most, then they are more popular to buyers.

Top Categories by Impressions…

Top Ten Main Street Businesses for October 2016
1.E-Commerce Businesses
4.Auto Repair, Service & Parts
5.Convenience Stores
6.Services Businesses
7.Health & Fitness Clubs
8.Home & Garden Businesses
9.Liquor Stores
10.Hair & Beauty Salons

Top Ten Lower Mid-Market M&A Businesses for October 2016
2.Services Businesses
3.Convenience Stores
4.Gas/Petrol Service Stations
6.Auto Repair, Service & Parts
7.Distribution Businesses
8.Construction Businesses
9.Retail Businesses
10.Specialist Subcontractors

In comparing prior monthly lists, there as good deal of consistency from month to month, and perhaps even year to year. Owning a business in one of the popular categories would generally equate to more buyer inquiries when it comes time to sell, although there are plenty of “niche” buyers looking for something “out of the ordinary” and often times make for a better match. Whether in a popular category or not, buyers still all look for common traits most notably that the business is priced fairly.