The BizBen Index ( provides statistics of small businesses that have been sold within California. The data goes back to 2007 and includes breakdown at both the county and city levels. These business sales were recorded by small business owners, business brokers, and agents throughout the state of California.

Across the entire State, charting of this historical data shows a severe drop-off in the number of businesses sold during the great recession, and a slow but steady increase year-over-year since then. This seems to echo most public opinion that the main street economy took a severe hit during the recession and has had a slow but steady climb since, although not returning to the pre-recession levels.

Charting the BizBen Index for San Diego and Orange counties separately, they both seem to show the same trend as the State data did.

Both charts estimate November and December numbers for 2016 based on year-to-date numbers plus prior years average in the final two months.